Budget Committee

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Municipal Budget Committees are responsible for creating a School Budget and a Town Budget, working with municipal and school officials during that process, and hold public budget hearings and ultimately presenting final budget to voters. The Municipal Budget Law, RSA Chapter 32, governs every town, village district and school district in New Hampshire with an annual meeting form of government, whether or not there is an official budget committee, including those with the official ballot referendum (“SB 2") form of meeting.

The Town of Nottingham follows the annual meeting form of government.  The Nottingham School is an "SB2" form of meeting.

Committee Members

NameTerm / Title
Jennifer Biron


Leslie S. Thompson


Carrie Lee


Michael (Miska) Hadik


Peter White

2018 (appointed to 1 year term)

Suzanne Edin

2019 - Resigned 12/2018

Karyl R. Martin


Erin L. Maskwa


Michael Koester

2018 (appointed to 1 year term)

Selectmen's Rep

Sue Levenson

School Board Rep

Staff Contacts