Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Q: Where should I put Carbon Monoxide detectors in my house?

A: Carbon monoxide alarms or detectors shall be installed as follows:

  1. Outside each separate dwelling unit sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms.
  2. On every level of a dwelling unit (capable of being occupied), including basements, excluding attics and crawl spaces.
  3. Each individual dwelling unit contained in a multi-unit dwelling shall be equipped with a carbon monoxide alarm or detector as required above.

Each detector shall be located on the wall, ceiling, or other location as specified in the manufacturer’s published instructions that accompany the unit.  NH Department of Safey CO Informational Bulletin

Q: Does the Fire Department Inspect for CO dectectors?

A: Nottingham Fire Rescue would be glad to inspect carbon monoxide detector installation.  Contact the fire station during normal business hours at (603) 679-5666 to schedule an appointment.