Important Dates & Deadlines - 2018

image important dates

Below is a list of important Town or School dates and deadlines for early 2018!

This list is informational only and is not to be considered all inclusive of all town/school deadlines or dates.

January 9 - Last day to submit Citizen Petition School Warrant Articles 

January 9 - Public Hearing on School Budget

January 24 to February 2 - Start and End days for Declaration of Candidacy for Opening Town & School Positions

February 6 - Last day to submit Citizen Petition Town Warrant Articles

February 6 - School Budget Deliberative Session

February 8 - Public Hearing on Town Budget

March 1 - Last day to submit an Abatement Applications (dispute of 2017 property value)

March 6 - Last day to make Town Report available (may be available sooner)

March 13 - Town/School Elections & School Budget Vote

March 17 - Town Meeting & Town Budget Vote

April 15 - Last day to submit a new Exemption and/or Credit Application

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