Robert E. McKenney Memorial Scholarship

sponsored by the Nottingham Fire Rescue Association
image scholarship

The Nottingham Fire Rescue Association is offering a $750 scholarship for graduating High School seniors residing in the Town of Nottingham to aid further education in their chosen field of study. Applicants shall submit the following no later than the 21st of April to the Scholarship Committee at the address below:

  1. A completed application (page 2)
  2. A 2 page typed essay on Community Service (#12 Times New Roman font) incorporating the following:
    1. What types of community service are found in Nottingham and how are they beneficial to the residents?
    2. Your current involvement (or planned future involvement) in community service.

Your submission essay will be scored based on the attached rubric (page 3).

Notification of scholarship award will be made by graduation.

Nottingham Fire Rescue Association
Attn: Scholarship Committee
PO Box 208

Nottingham, NH 03290

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