Town Meeting Results

ballot box with vote being inserted

A quick and unofficial summary of Saturday’s Town Meeting results:

Article 5, the operating budget, passed. 

Article 6, to approve funds for storm water asset management program, failed. 

Article 7,  to approve funds for ambulance and billing services, passed.

Article 8, to approve funds for the Fire Vehicle/SCBA Capital Reserve fund, amended to $50,000, passed.

Petition Article 9, for the town to adopt SB2, passed.

Article 10, to approve funds for Ledge Farm Road, tabled. 

Article 11, to approve funds for Highway Truck Capital Reserve Fund, passed.

Article 12, to approve funds for Revaluation Capital Reserve Fund, passed. 

Petition Article 13, to direct Land Use Change Taxes to the General Fund, failed. 

Article 14, to approve funds for the Tri-Centennial Expendable Trust Fund, passed. 

Article 15, to approve funds for the Invasive Special Prevention and Eradication Removal Expendable Trust Fund, passed. 

Petition Article 16, to make “North River Lake Road” a town road, passed. 

Petition Article 17, to make “Highland Avenue” a town road, passed. 

Petition Article 18, redistricting, passed.

The meeting adjourned just after 3pm. Thanks to those who came out to participate!