Marston Property Exploratory Committee

The Marston Property construction has begun and field work is anticipated to continue for 6-8 weeks.

The Marston Property, also known as the Lee Farm, is located at 229 Mill Pond Road.  The Town has owned the property since 2009.
The Town of Nottingham, worked with the NH Department of Environmental Services to clean up hazardous waste and materials located on the property starting in the late 1990’s.  The NH Department of Environmental Services issued an Administrative order to Mr. Lee in 2001 regarding the clean-up of the hazardous material, and placed a lien on the property for repayment of the cleanup costs. (Description continued)

Committee Members



Chet Batchelder
Peter Landry
Lauren Chaurette
Skip Seaverns
Tina Cooke
Cheryl Smith
Gary Cowan
Tom Sweeney
Michael (Miska) Hadik
Wynn Varney

Staff Contacts



(603) 785-3555