Pistol Permit

Q: Where do I file a new request for a pistol permit?

A: Applications can be found online, may be picked up at the police station during administrative hours, or in the Selectman office during regular office hours.  Once the completed form and appropriate information is provided to the Police Department, we will submit the request for a criminal history check.

Q: Where do I file my renewal for a pistol permit?

A: Same process as for a new request.

Q: Where do I pick up my pistol permit?

A: Permits may be picked up at the Selectmen’s Office during regular office hours. One should check a week to ten days after submittal, you will NOT be contacted when it’s available.

Q: Can I shrink my pistol permit?

A: I find nothing in statute that prohibits protecting the permit, however, shrinking it may make it difficult to read and could create an issue should you be challenged by law enforcement.