Nottingham Theatre Project & Drama Camp

with Children’s Stage Adventures
Nottingham Theatre Project Logo
Nottingham Theatre Project Logo

Nottingham Theatre Project Mugs Available Now!

Nottingham Theatre Project has brought theatre to Nottingham for many years. The shows cost between $5000 and $7000 to produce and all of the revenue raised at the time of the production usually cannot cover the expenses. Separate fundraising projects are a necessary part of the process. One of the ways you can help support the arts in town is to purchase several new Nottingham Theatre Project mugs! These wonderful ceramic coffee mugs are only $7 and are available at the Recreation Office. Limited quantities available!  Please give us a call if you would like to purchase.

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Drama Camp with Children's Stage Adventures:

Area children ages 6-16 perform in a high-quality production of a classic tale put together in only one week!  The production will be staged with professionally designed costumes & scenery for two live performances on Friday of that week. Our production is directed by Lorrie and Rob Gray who are apart of the Children's Stage Adventures and have worked in childrens thearter for over 30 years.  Touring all over the United States and Canada working with over 25,000 children. Camp is all the week after summer camp ends. More information will be coming in May 2018.