40 Years of Recycling

The Nottingham Recycling Center is proudly the first recycling center in the nation!  Nottingham began recycling in 1974 as an effort to reduce the cost of solid waste disposal to town residents.

January 2014 will be the 40th Anniversary, making us the oldest continuously operating recycling center. 

Funded by a private foundation grant and matching town funds for a total of $55,000 in 1973 with a startup date of January 1974 as an alternative to the landfill, by 1977 the town was recycling half its total waste flow.

The Recycling center is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday with seasonal evening hours on Thursdays during Day Light Savings hours. Check the town website for the current hours.

Aluminum beverage cans, paper, plastic, steel, metal, tin cans, cardboard and newspapers are all products recycled at the center and all but glass creates income to offset the cost of municipal waste removal. Municipal waste is what goes in the “trash” dumpster and costs the town for removal.

Every person in town can help reduce municipal waste by recycling and therefore reduce cost. While curb side pickup is convenient, it costs taxpayers twice, once when they pay the company that picks up and again through taxes if recycling income does not offset waste. Many that have trash pickup also recycle which is a great way to have the convenience of pickup while still helping the town.

Quick tips to make a trip to the Recycling Center faster and more efficient

  • Use the proper clear bags –allows staff to identify recyclables mistakenly put in the trash. Remember recyclables = income
  • Sort before you go to the center.
  • Beer & Soda Packaging = Cardboard not mixed paper.
  • Crush plastics and cans – they take up less room.
  • Newsprint = the black and white portion of the paper.
  • Mixed paper = newspaper ads, colored paper, non-waxed boxboard, window envelopes, staples & paperclips are OK
  • If you are not sure where to put something please ask a staff member, they are there to help and are a great resource.