Town Clerk Responsibilities

Responsibilities and Duties of the Town Clerk:
  • Municipal Agent - issue vehicle registrations, titles, plates and decals, and corresponding reports for the same;
  • Dog Licensing - maintain database and process dog licenses, process reminder post cards, reconcile with the State Animal Population Control Program and submit payment due for processed dog licenses, report unlicensed dogs to Town, and collect fees for and issue dog licenses;
  • Vital Records - issue marriage licenses, record and provide certified copies of vital records (birth, death, divorce, marriage certificates), conduct vital records searches as requested, maintain all burial transit permits, and reconciles w/ the NH Vital Records and submit payment due for processed records;
  • Elections - accept voter registrations, back up to update/maintain Voter Registration System, mail/track all absentee ballots, responsible for posting, publishing notices, registration and filing deadlines for Town Offices, State Representatives, petition filings, warrant articles, etc., receive/verify filings for State Representatives and Republication Conventions and mail to the Sec. of State, Verify all petitions submitted to the Clerk's office, receive/verify Town Declaration of Candidacy forms, create Town Ballots and order prints, calculate/verify election results, report election results to NH, and work with the Town Moderator and Supervisors of the Checklist as needed;
  • Town Records: - custodian of Town Records, preservation of Town Records, maintain list and terms of all elected and appointed Town Officials, record and file Town Meeting minutes and certify action taken at Town Meeting, receive/record original warrants for Town Meetings, compile/prepare all town reports for permanent records, submit annual reports of elected and appointed Town Officials, certify paperwork as needed, compile records per NH Record Retention guidelines, maintain living record of all burial permits and deeds; and
  • Balance, deposit, and report on all Town and NH monies and data.
The Town Clerk is supervised by the following NH Agencies and Divisions:
  • NH Department of Safety - Bureau of Registration, Bureau of Title and Anti-Theft, Bureau of Financial Responsibility;
  • NH Department of Agriculture; 
  • NH Secretary of State - Division of Vital Records Administration, Division of Archives and Records Management, Election Division, and US Compliance with HAVA and ADA requirements;
  • NH Department of Environmental Services;
  • NH Office of Information Technology; and
  • NH Department of Revenue Administration.