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Information about 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019 nCoV)
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January 27, 2020 Time 1600 (4:00 PM EDT)
NH-HAN 20200127
2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
Update # 2

Key Points and Recommendations:
1.  A novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was initially identified in Wuhan, China, with spread now
confirmed to be widespread in China and in 15 countries, including 5 confirmed patients in the
United States (WA [1], IL [1], CA [2], AZ [1]). Current case counts are
2,886 confirmed cases (2,825 in China), with 81 deaths. There are no confirmed cases in NH,
although there are currently two people under investigation (PUI).

2.  New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) will host a call for healthcare
providers on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at 12:00 pm to discuss this rapidly evolving outbreak and
answer questions.

Zoom Webinar:
Conference Call Line: 1-646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 539 667 612

3.  Providers should immediately familiarize themselves with this developing situation and review
the CDC website:

4.  Healthcare reception and providers should ask patients presenting with a febrile or respiratory
illness about travel to Hubei Province, China in the 14 days before symptom onset. Such patients
should then immediately be instructed to don a surgical mask; placed in a private room; and managed
under standard, contact, and airborne isolation, including provider use of eye protection (e.g.,
face shield).

5.  The epidemiology is rapidly evolving. If you encounter a patient with fever or respiratory
illness who presents risk factors other than travel to Hubei Province (e.g., no travel but contact
to an ill person from Hubei, travel to another province in China or another affected setting),
please contact the Bureau of Infectious Disease Control to discuss testing and patient management.

6.  The CDC has issued a  level 3 travel warning, advising travelers to avoid all nonessential
travel to Hubei Province, China. CDC has also issued a  level 2 travel alert advising that
travelers to the rest of China practice enhanced precautions. Given expansion of this outbreak
within China, and local control measures being put in place by Chinese
officials, travelers may consider postponing travel to other parts of China outside Hubei province
until we better understand the extent of the outbreak and risk.

7.  Any suspect cases should be reported immediately to the Bureau of Infectious Disease
Control by calling 603-271-4496 (after hours 603-271-5300).


We continue to monitor the novel coronavirus (nCoV-2019) outbreak that was initially identified in
Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. Human-to-human transmission has been confirmed and latest case
counts are 2,886 confirmed cases, with 81 related deaths. The U.S., Canada, France, Hong Kong,
Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and
Nepal have confirmed cases. The CDC expanded screening of passengers on flights from Wuhan, China
to five major airports: Atlanta (ATL), Chicago (ORD), Los Angeles, (LAX) New York city (JFK), and
San Francisco (SFO).

We recommend healthcare providers and facilities continue to conduct travel screening, and
implement standard, contact, and airborne isolation in any patients with a fever or respiratory
illness who report travel to Hubei Province China within 14 days of symptom onset. This is an
evolving situation, recommendations are likely to change as we learn more, and we will update you

A conference call is scheduled to provide updated information for healthcare facilities and answer

Date: January 29, 2020
Time: 12:00 pm (noontime)
Zoom Webinar:
Conference Call Line: 1-646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 539 667 612

Clinical Features

Signs and symptoms of 2019-nCoV illness have included fever, cough, and difficulty breathing or
shortness of breath. Preliminary information suggests that symptoms may appear in as few as two
days or as long as 14 days after exposure. Older adults and people with underlying health 
conditions  may  be  at  higher  risk  of  severe  illness.  Characteristics  of  this  novel
coronavirus and full spectrum of disease are still unclear.

•   For any questions regarding this notification, please call the NH DHHS, DPHS, Bureau of
Infectious Disease Control at (603) 271-4496 during business hours (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.).

•   If you are calling after hours or on the weekend, please call the New Hampshire Hospital
switchboard at (603) 271-5300 and request the Public Health Professional on-call.

•   To change your contact information in the NH Health Alert Network, contact Adnela Alic at
(603) 271-7499 or email

Additional Information

•   Novel Coronavirus 2019, Wuhan China:

•   Information for Healthcare Professionals:

•   WHO, Coronavirus:

•   Prior NH DPHS Health Alert Message (1/19/2020):

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