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Assessing Overview


The Select Board is responsible for the oversight of the property assessing function in Nottingham, including monitoring the work of the administrative staff and the hired assessing contractor.  The Board is charged with maintaining a fair and equitable assessment roll for the purpose of real property taxation, which forms the basis for funding of local government and schools in the Town of Nottingham.

The Town contracts with Avitar Associates to act as the assessing agent.  Avitar provides a range of professional, administrative, and technical services to the Town.  These include establishing tax assessments for each parcel, administration of timber and excavation taxes, current use taxation, abatements and exemptions. 

The town staff is responsible for the day to day operations of accepting and processing information related to the property assessment function, such as property transfers, tax exemptions and credits, data entry of physical property changes, assisting citizens in understanding their property information, and working closely with the hired assessing contractor as they complete the required property assessment functions, per state laws and rules .