Pawtuckaway Lake

image pawtuckaway lake

Pawtuckaway Lake, also known as Pawtuckaway Pond, is located in Nottingham.  It is a natural pond that was enlarged by the construction of four dams, feeding rivers that eventually meet the Lamprey River and Piscataqua River.  

Map and bathymetry of Pawtuckaway Lake

The Western shore of the lake is home to Pawtuckaway State Park, which offers a variety of landscapes, with something to do and see for everyone. The park includes a large family beach on the lake. There are many opportunities for hiking, with trails leading to many special points of interest, including a mountaintop fire tower; an extensive marsh where beavers, deer, and great blue herons may be seen, and a geologically unique field where large boulders called glacial erratics were deposited when glacial ice melted near the end of the Ice Age.

Pawtuckaway State Park & Beach Information: (603) 895-3031


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Information regarding management of Pawtuckaway Lake and other incoming and/or outgoing waters into the lake.

4th of July Boat Parade is on July 4th!