Election & Voting Information

Town Election Day -- Tuesday March 10, 2020

Polls are open 7 AM to 7 PM

Elections will be held at the Nottingham Community Center at 139 Stage Road, Nottingham NH


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The Supervisors of the Checklist consists of three registered voters in the Town of Nottingham, and are elected at town elections every two years for terms of six years. The Supervisors determine residents eligibility to to be added to or removed from the checklist and maintain the list of registered voters.  They also oversee the checklist when it is in use at an election or meeting. The Supervisors share an office with the Town Clerk and work closely with both the Town Clerk and Town Moderator.

The Town Moderator is the chief election official of the town, oversees that all elections are run fairly and lawfully as well as presides at Town meetings.  The Moderator is elected by the Town to a two year term.  

Residents may fill out a Voter Registration form with the Town Clerk or at any Public sitting of the Supervisors. Any registered voter may file his/her intentions to run for a vacant position with the town clerk during the yearly filing period for town offices in January.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Sandra W. Weston Town Clerk

Supervisors of the Checklist

NameTitleTerm Expires

Chair Supervisor


Ruth Anne Fuller