Town Reports

Q. Is there a statutory deadline for the annual report?

A. Yes. RSA 41:14 provides that the annual report must be available to voters at least seven days prior to the annual town meeting. "Town Meeting" is an umbrella term for Town Deliberative Session and Town Election Day.  Nottingham Voters approved changing Nottingham to an SB2 in June of 2020.  Due to the shortened schedule of SB2, printed copies of the warrant and budget documents are made available at the Town Deliberative Session and also shared on the Nottingham Town Website.  The hard copies of Town Report ("the book") are available upon publication locally as well as the Town Office Building no later than seven days prior to election day each year.  The Town Report and School Report share a publication each year.  Current and older PDF versions are linked below.  Physical copies of older Town Reports are available in the Selectmen's Office.