E-911 Addressing Project 2022

Renaming and Renumbering

The Town of Nottingham will be renaming and/or renumbering some streets to enable emergency response agencies to easily locate structures in an emergency.  This Nottingham Select Board will determine new street names, and the New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of Emergency Services, Bureau of Emergency Communications, will provide street numbers. 

Current Streets that will be affected:

Highland AvenueLamprey DriveUnion Street
Meindl Road EastWhite's Grove RoadTuckaway Shores Road
Barderry LanePine StreetNorth River Lake Road East

Not every residence on every street listed will be affected. Preliminary maps of proposed changes are listed below. Please note this is a process and changes are possible.  Residents can review the highlighted sections of any of the road maps listed below to find where most of the State's Division of Emergency Services and Communications (DESC) current recommendations are.  MAPS UPDATED 6/3.

As this project moves forward, the town will be sending all affected property owners an address change notification letter stating what the new addresses will be and when the new addresses will be recognized as official.  These are anticipated late summer of 2022.  

A list of all current road names is here.

Questions and comments:  e911@nottingham-nh.gov