The Nottingham School District is responsible for educating children from pre-school through high school. The district operates the Nottingham Elementary School to provide kindergarten thru 8th Grade instruction. The school facility was built in 1995 and houses approximately 500 students. Upon graduation, students can attend Dover High School or Coe-Brown Northwood Academy in Northwood.

(Comcast) Channel 13 - School (PEG) Public Access TV Schedule

2017/2018 School Calendars
(one document for Nottingham, Coe-Brown & Dover)

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Nottingham School


SAU #44

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Dover High School

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Coe Brown Northwood Academy

 School Activities - Recycling Video

See the Nottingham School video about the how they use the Recycling Center.  Also airing on the School Channel 13 and Town Channel 22.