Online Tax Cards & Maps


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Nottingham uses CAI Technologies to provide access to Property Record (Tax) Cards and Tax Maps on the internet.  This offers citizens the ability to review and print their property data at their convenience. Maps and cards are still available at the town office during regular business hours.

Questions?  Stop in at the Town Offices or call during regular office hours. 


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Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Features Included with the new mapping software

  • Find Abutters Function - Select properties within a specific distance to a particular property.
  • Map Printing - Design a map prior to generating a PDF map to print or save.
  • Map Layers - Turn on and off certain map layers, such as water bodies, buildings, & tax map text.
  • Building Photos & Associated Documents - Access building photos and/or documents related to particular properties.
  • Area of Interest - Quickly zoom to a specific area on the map.
  • Map Type Selector - Select the map background to view in the Query Manager, such as USGS, aerial or parcel background.