Warrant Articles

The New England town meeting is one of the purest expressions of democracy in the world. The tradition dates back to the earliest times of our settlement. Citizens have the opportunity to openly discuss and debate the issues affecting them, and by their votes direct how those issues will be managed for the coming year. Since 1969, towns have had the option to divide the conduct of the meeting into two parts, a day for an election of officers by official ballot, and a separate time as set by the selectmen for the conduct of town business. RSA 40:13 sets the dates of these meetings.

The agenda for the business portion of town meeting is contained in the town warrant, which is a document issued by the selectmen ordering the inhabitants of the town to gather together for the conduct of the town’s business.  Town Warrants are officially posted at the Town Offices and Post Office, but can be found in a variety of other locations, such as the Blaisdell Memorial Library and Annual Town Report.